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September 5, 2011
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ponysketch - Umbrae Nova by CosmicUnicorn ponysketch - Umbrae Nova by CosmicUnicorn
This is my rendition of a "Nightmare"/dark/fallen/evil/unbalanced Celestia.

An evil Celestia makes me think of black holes, super novae, and neutron stars.

This was an exercise as well as a video-test...
I've had a few requests to either stream or record myself while I work. Since I don't particularly like being watched while I work, I've opted for recording my screen instead...

See it here: [link]
Music: Karl Jenkins, "Allegretto"

Hopefully it turned out alright.

Speedpainting. Hour and half or so.
PhotoshopCS3. Wacom Intuos 3.

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Gosh, you have absolutely my favorite interpretation of anti celestia. Its a simple design so it feels consistant with the simple nightmare moon design of the show, but dominating enough to get the point across. Sometimes simples can be the most memorable. I love love love your dark celestia pics!
The-Grey-Panther Jan 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconsadlunaplz::iconsaysplz: I'm sorry, Tia... I have failed you.
ThunderingAlicorn Oct 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I LOVE your picture!!! 

But, I thought her name was Solar Flare... eep.
Solar Flare is just the most common evil-Celestia name. There's probably tons of different ones out there.
I have the Jubileus battle theme from Bayonetta playing in the background whilst looking at this picture and it fits startlingly well. [link]

I love the design; probably the most solid concept of the Celestia-equivalent to Nightmare Moon I've seen. The imposing usage of harsh light and silhouette mixed with the hot colours gives the impression that the sun itself is falling from the sky or bursting into a gigantic, bloated perversion of itself per Celestia's new egomaniacal mentality.

I also rather like the slightly rough style, showcasing quick brushstrokes and harsh contrast. The imperfection gives it a certain validity in the vein of canvas painting that digital artists seem to forget, striving for perfection that can only be found in digital. This feels real and visceral and dynamic.

Sometimes imposing challenges on yourself (in this case, speed-painting) can help draw out the most creativity in someone and, personally, I'd like to see more speed-painting from you if this is the result.
sweetstrawberryblood Apr 8, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
The Greatest Jubilee? Glad I am not the only one who did<333
The name that came to me for this concept was Sol Mega. Though she would have to be pretty megalomanical for that wouldn't she?
Truly amazing just wow. That's all I can say.
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